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Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau respects your rights to privacy. Mercantile Adjustment Bureau utilizes the following practices in regards to any information Mercantile Adjustment Bureau is provided or obtains about users of Mercantile Adjustment Bureau website.

Except as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Policy, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau does NOT disclose any information you provide to Mercantile Adjustment Bureau with any entities outside Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, its affiliates or payment processors, unless required by law enforcement agencies or otherwise required by law.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau reserves the right to disclose information acquired through the Site to such law enforcement agencies, when Mercantile Adjustment Bureau believes, in good faith, that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of other persons, or to comply with any law of the State of New York or the Federal Government of the United States of America.

Collection And Use of Information
Unless you provide additional information, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau collects only the following non-personal information as you browse through the Mercantile Adjustment Bureau web site:

  • the domain name and browser you use to access the Internet
  • the IP address of your computer
  • the date and time of your visit
  • the pages you visited
  • the address of the web site you visited immediately prior to visiting the Mercantile Adjustment Bureau site

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will obtain Client and Employee consent for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Consent can be express or implied and may be given orally or electronically. Consent may be withdrawn upon provision of a written request. Withdrawal of consent may affect our ability to continue to provide services or maintain a working relationship.

Limiting Collection
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will only collect personal information for our defined purposes by fair and lawful means.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention Mercantile Adjustment Bureau uses personal information collected from or on behalf of another organization without the consent of the individual to whom the information relates, if the individual consented to the use of the personal information by the other organization, and the personal information is used by Mercantile Adjustment Bureau solely for the purposes for which the information was previously collected, and to assist Mercantile Adjustment Bureau to carry out work on behalf of the other organization.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will retain Client, Employee and Debtor personal information only as long as necessary for the identified purposes or as required by legislation.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will make every reasonable attempt to ensure personal information that is collected on behalf of the organization is accurate and up to date. Where Mercantile Adjustment Bureau concurs that a correction to personal information is required, every effort will be made to correct our records.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau maintains appropriate security safeguards to protect personal information from loss, theft unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication, use or modification. When personal information is no longer required to fulfill the purpose, and legislative retentions periods have expired, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will dispose of the information in a safe and secure manner.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will make the following information available:

  • the name, title and address of the person who is accountable for compliance with the Mercantile Adjustment Bureau Privacy Policy
  • the name title and address of the person who is the Privacy Officer delegate
  • the means of gaining access to personal information in our custody
  • a description of the type of personal information in our care and how it is used, and
  • a copy of our Privacy Policy.

Individual Access
An individual desiring access to personal information must submit a written request to our Privacy Officer or Delegate. Existing contractual restrictions may affect the outcome of the request.

Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will, upon confirmation of identity, provide access to the personal information within thirty business days, unless we notify the individual that we require a longer period to respond.

If a request is refused, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will notify the individual in writing, documenting the reasons for refusal and resources for available redress.

In certain situations Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will not provide access to personal information if the disclosure could threaten the life or security of another individual; if the information was generated in a formal dispute resolution process; if the information contains references to other individuals or cannot be disclosed for legal, security or commercial proprietary reasons or if the information is subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege.

No Liability
Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will use commercially reasonable precautions to protect from misuse any information that Mercantile Adjustment Bureau collects from you through the Site. However, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau does not guarantee that any such information will not be misused or disclosed to third parties by means beyond our control. Mercantile Adjustment Bureau will not have any liability to you for any such misuse or disclosure.